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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Valentine Stamp Camp

Today is my Mom & Me Valentine Stamp Camp and my regular Valentine Stamp Camp. I'm excited for both of them and am sure everyone will love the projects. I've already shared the Mom & Me samples, so here are the projects for the regular camp.

The difference between the two camps is that the regular camp is making chocolate nugget tins instead of Cupid Soup, making 4 love notes instead of 2, and receiving a whole pack of Bali Breeze Designer Paper.

The nugget tins are from Specialty Bottle. The tins themselves are pretty cheap at $0.80 a piece, but it's the shipping that hits you! I paid around $13-14 in shipping for 25 tins. The company has so many different types of tins and bottles. Lots of fun items to be altered.

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Kymm Kent said...

This was SO MUCH fun and my boys totally loved the projects. They use the mailboxes to pass notes to each other.