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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter Projects

Well, I'm cutting it close, but I am going to share a couple of Easter projects. Exams are finally over and I have some time! I used the set "A Good Egg" for both of these projects. I just love it! The first project is a gift I made for Kyle's pre-school teachers. Look at how cute this is!

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This jar mix makes Bunny Smores! I haven't actually tried them, but I hear they are delicious. All you need is a 1 quart mason jar, graham crackers, bunny peeps, brown sugar, and M&M's. You can find directions for it in my Special Download file in the column to the right. I should have shown you more of the jar in the picture, but I focused too much on the direction card instead! Sorry about that.

This next project is a fun little basket that I made for the kids in Kyle's class. I found cute little Play-doh eggs at Target and put one in each.

Images © 1990-2008 Stampin’ Up!

These are super-easy to make and only use a 6x6 piece of cardstock for the box part.

1. Cut 6x6” square of cardstock & cut handle 1/2" x 8"

2. Score 6x6 cardstock at 2" & 4", turn and repeat.

3. Trim the corners off each corner square.

4. Cut into the 2 score-lines on one side of the basket. Repeat on the opposite side.

5. Trim end flaps to about 3/4".

6. Now is the time to stamp your box, if you'd like.

7. Fold all score lines. Flip basket over so you're looking at the "outside". Place two rows of adhesive on both of the 3/4" sides flaps. Then press the first half of the criss-cross piece onto the 3/4" flaps on both si des.

8. Place roll on adhesive on the inside of the other criss-cross flaps and press the flaps into place.

9. Attach handle to the inside of the basket. I attached ribbon to mine first.

10. Decorate as you wish!

I hope you all have a very blessed Easter!

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