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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Stampin' Up! Survey Panel

Do you want to join the Stampin' Up! survey panel?

Click here for a chance to enter.

The survey panel is a group of people who receive email surveys about SU and its products. Surveys are sent periodically and you will receive a Goodie Box once you've been on the panel for 3 full months. They only need a specific number of people, so not everyone is chosen. I just thought I'd post this information in case they're looking for more people!

How often will I receive a survey?
It depends on our research needs. You will receive no more than one survey a week, but most times you can expect to receive one or two surveys a month.

How long are the surveys?
Typically it should take you between five and ten minutes to complete a survey. Every so often a fairly lengthy survey may be sent out that can take as long as 15 to 20 minutes to complete, but this isn't common. Short surveys that take only a minute or two to complete may sometimes be sent out as well.

When will I receive my Goodie Box?
Goodie Boxes are sent out every three months. The next scheduled goodie box delivery is late January 2009.

What kind of things are included in the Goodie Box?
The items included in the Goodie Box will vary. Typically the Goodie Box will include a stamp set, one or two ink pads or markers and an accessory item like a punch, paper, ribbons, or rub-ons. However, there is no guarantee that these will be the exact items. The retail value of each Goodie Box is typically between about $30 and $50.

Can I pick the items included in my Goodie Box?
No, not at this time.

I have been on the panel longer than three months but I haven't received a Goodie Box yet, why?
All Goodie Boxes are sent out at the same time every three months. Only panel members who have been on the panel for a full three months at that time will receive a Goodie Box. If you have been on the panel for less than three months you will receive a Goodie Box the next time around. For example, if you joined the panel in December and a Goodie Box shipment is scheduled to go out in January, you will not receive a Goodie Box in January because you have only been on the panel for one month. You would receive your first Goodie Box in April.

What if I forget to take a survey, will I still receive my Goodie box?
We understand that occasionally you may be unable to take a survey. However, you do need to complete at least 80% of the surveys sent to you in order to remain on the panel and receive a Goodie Box.

How long do I have to take the survey?
Typically the survey is open for a period of one week from the time the e-mail notifying you about the survey is sent. However, occasionally the survey will only be open for only a few days, so take the survey as soon as you get it.

Why am I sent to to take the surveys?
SurveyMonkey is the most effective, secure and easiest way for us to collect survey data. It is a web-based survey design and analysis tool utilized by hundreds of companies around the world, including several Fortune 100 companies.

I received an e-mail from is it legitimate?
Yes. This is the e-mail program we use to send the survey link to you.

How long do I get to be on the panel?
In order to give others who want to be on the panel the same opportunity, as well as to keep the data we receive fresh, we occasionally rotate people off the panel. Once on the panel, you will remain a panel member for at least six months, provided you are actively taking surveys. We anticipate that most panelists will remain active for a period of six months to a year. When it is time for Stampin' Up! to refresh the panel you will receive an e-mail notifying you that your time to be on the panel has come to an end.

Why does Stampin' Up! collect personal information such as my name, e-mail, home address, annual income, etc.)?
We will not share your information with anyone. We need your e-mail to send you the survey and we need your name and address in order to ship you your Goodie Boxes. Other demographic information, such as annual income and household size are needed so we can cross-tabulate the answers of survey questions into different groups for analysis. We are only interested in looking at the data in terms of categories and groups and do not analyze each survey on an individual basis.

Will Stampin' Up! try and sell me anything or recruit me to be a demonstrator?
No. This panel is devoted exclusively to research.

What if I want to purchase Stampin' Up! products, host a Stampin' Up! workshop, or become a Stampin' Up! demonstrator?
If you wish to purchase Stampin' Up! products, host a workshop, or would like to become a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, you need to contact us directly. Information for your specific area or region can be found at

I applied to be on the panel but was not accepted, why?
If you applied to be on the panel but were not accepted, it is likely because we have received our limit of applicants. If this is the case, your name will be placed on a waiting list and we may contact you when we are ready to refresh the panel.

I no longer want to be on the panel, how do I quit?
You can quit at anytime by sending an e-mail to Please allow us at least a couple of weeks to remove you from the system.

What if I need to change my personal information such as my e-mail address or shipping address?
Send your old and new information to

Who do I contact if I have a questions?
Send an e-mail to

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