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Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Great Pumpkin Take 2

How fun is this?! Last year I made the globe version. Click here for directions for those. I had never seen this kind before. It works great as a pumpkin, but how about as a Christmas ornament? So easy to make---give it a try! I used regular cardstock, but our Designer Papers would be fantastic!

Cut one strip 1"x6" (strip A), two strips 1"x7" (strip B), two strips 1"x9" (Strip C), two strips 1"x11" (Strip D). Arrange them in this manner: DCBABCD. Tap them on a table so all of the ends touch -> Staple this. Now just gather all of the tops, line them up, and staple them as well. I cut a 1 x 2 inch strip of Kiwi Kiss cardstock--although, I guess I probably should have used a brown for the stem. Fold it over and adhere it over the top section. I punched leaves with my Wide Oval Punch, cut them into a leaf shape, and adhered them to the side. Finally, I used my Crop-a-dile to make a hole at the top for my ribbon.

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