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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Stampin' Gal Club - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Do you like the idea of joining my clubs, but just don’t have the time to make the club meetings each month? Do you want to earn free stuff, but not have to host a party?

Let me introduce you to a new type of club called Stampin’ Gals. This is a purchasing club which means there isn’t a club meeting for you to attend. Everything else remains the same:

  1. Make a $25* purchase commitment each month. The $25 commitment is before shipping and tax is added.

  2. Get order and payment to me by the 15th of the month. You can opt to pay by credit card each month and just email me your order.

  3. Take turns as hostess to receive the hostess benefits—at least $15 and a level 1 hostess stamp set.

  4. Receive a free Idea Book & Catalog ($10 value).

  5. Attend my club meetings when you have the time. Let me know at least a few days before the meeting.

  6. Receive clubber prices on various classes throughout your club rotation.

  7. Pick up your order each month from my Miamisburg home.

  8. Build your stamping supplies while staying on a budget!


How do I join?
Contact me by phone or email to reserve your spot.

Can I take more than one spot in the club?
Absolutely! Many members spend over the $25 purchase commitment. If you plan on doing this on a regular basis, it makes good sense to take more than one spot (each with a $25 commitment) so that you can be hostess more than once!

If I am a member of your regular clubs, can I still join this club?
Of course!

Why do you set the purchase commitment to $25?
Stampin’ Up’s hostess benefits begin with a minimum order of $150. With a club of 6 people, we need each person to spend the $25 so that the workshop order qualifies for hostess benefits.

Why do I have to pick up my things from your house?
In order for each club member to receive hostess benefits, I have to enter the orders as workshop order, which is sent to one address. Because I have customers from as far as Lima, Kettering, etc., I cannot possibly deliver each of the orders without spending a fortune in gas. Plus, a four year old riding in the car for hours is not pleasant!

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