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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Getting Read for SSW--Part 3

What in the world is this you ask? This is me getting organized for the Super Stampin' Weekend coming up March 20 -22. I use the 12x12 Craft Keepers to organize my pictures and swaps. I sort through my pictures and match the up with any swaps I might have. If I don't have any swaps, I still put them into a craft keeper and add some coordinating cardstock so that I can go back and make pages for them. Sometimes, I might add coordinating cardstock to the swap pages to--if I have enough time.

By doing this, I save a ton of time when I work at the weekend. I just grab a folder and get started. Most swaps don't need much added to them---some matting for pictures and a title. On other swaps, I may move things around a bit or add more stamping. It just depends on the swap and the pictures I'm putting on it.

This picture shows how I organize my swaps. I forget where I purchased the bins--maybe Michael's? Anyway, I bought the 12x12 Dividers that can be used in Stampin' Up's Paper Holders and organized the swaps by Baby/Kid, Christmas/Winter, Spring/Flowers, Sports, etc.

Are you wondering where I got all of these swaps? I've been swapping with my Scrappin' Clubs since I started them over 4 years ago. Before that, I was a member of my upline's Club. I have given a ton of swaps away to friends and family, but always have enough to do my own books. Having the swaps saves me a TON of time when I do my own scrapbooking! If you want more information about my Clubs, read more by clicking here!

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